Come Along & Sing Along!


Now you can have Ms Laurie come to you! These are certainly challenging times we are in. All the more reason to keep singing with your children. If you have joined our Music Together® Sessions online, thank you! While we still can’t meet back together in the classroom, we have figured out a safe way to sing together!

Ms Laurie will come to your house and meet you outside in your driveway, front porch or back yard. While maintaing safe distancing we’ll sing The Hello Song, some of your favorite Music Together® songs, and then Goodbye together. If you don’t know any Music Together songs, or can’t narrow it down, Ms Laurie will help you choose some get you groovin and giggling! We can’t wait to see and sing with you!


A Few Things to Note During Your Session:

  • There is ZERO contact between Ms Laurie and your family.
  • Ms Laurie will not come inside your home. All sessions take place outside in your driveway or front porch maintaing at least 6 feet or more of distance.
  • If you have your own play along music box instruments you are welcome to bring them out. Homemade shakers, tupperware, wooden spoons, and empty bowls also all make great rhythmic instruments to use!
  • If your child comes towards Ms Laurie during the session, not to worry! She will gently stand up and back up giving you time and space to scoop your little one up. 


Pricing and Options:


1. Single Family: One-time visit - $35.00*

  • Simply choose a time frame when you register. 

2. Single Family: 4-visit pack -$120.00*

  • At checkout, write 3 additional dates in the comments - preferably the same day/time, if possible. We'll get back to you to confirm the four-date schedule.

3. Multiple Families: One-time visit- $30.00/family*

  • Up to 9 people total for $30 per family. You coordinate the families, keeping each family at least 6 feet away from the others. We recommend sitting on picnic blankets to create a visual barrier for the children. Each family purchases their session before date of Sing Along. 

4. Multiple Families: 4-visit pack- $100.00/family*

  • Same as number 3, above, but the price per family is $25 each visit. At checkout, write 3 additional dates in the comments - preferably the same day/time, if possible. We'll get back to you to confirm the four-date schedule. The other families will need to purchase their Sing Alongs before the first day of the first session. 


*does not include $5.00 registration fee

Ready to book?

Just register online for a front porch sing along session and Ms Laurie will contact you to book your appointment time and go over the specifics for your personal session.


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