Our Policies

Welcome To Music Together With Laurie!

Please read this important information to make you aware of our policies and to help you enjoy your overall class experience.


Music Together® ONLINE 

All of Music Together material and content is protected under copyright. Users in Private Facebook Groups for online classes may not share any content for any pupose outside the group or risk membership removal without refund.



By enrolling in a class with Music Together With Laurie®, a licensed Music Together® center, you agree that any information you provide will be shared with Music Together Worldwide (MTW). To find out how MTW uses your personal information please review Music Together Worldwide Privacy Policy



Any family wishing to withdraw from a class may do so with a $25.00 cancellation fee BEFORE classes begin for the first child and $45.00 if more than one child is enrolled. For those who cancel after the registration deadline, a credit towards a future session for unattended classes, minus $5.00 registration fee, will be given. If materials have been received there will also be $50.00 reduction of the credit. There are NO REFUNDS for materials once recieved.

For Classes at Plantation Community Center:

There are NO REFUNDS after the first week of class and NO REFUNDS for materials once recieved.



All classes require a minimum enrollment. Classes will be cancelled if requirements are not met and we will make every effort to enroll you in a second class choice option.

If an instructor is unavailable due to illness class will be cancelled. We will make every effort to reschedule classes cancellled due to illness however rescheduling will depend on the facilty availabity and is not guaranteed. There will be no refunds for classes cancelled due to illness.



PLEASE REGISTER EARLY! Deadline for registration is the first date of class for each new semester. All registrants are on a first come first serve basis and spots can only be held once proof of full registration payment is made. 



Families are allowed unlimited make up sessions to be used within the CURRENT session only. You may not carry over make ups into another session. To schedue a make up please visit our Online Make-Up Scheduler. There are no refunds for missed classes.



If their is an instance when you need to bring a sibling or child guest to class you must contact us first at musictogetherwithlaurie@gmail.com or 917.609.1060 to check availability. Each family is allowed one free scheduled child or sibling visit per semester. After that, a $10 guest fee will be charged per scheduled visit for any additional child or sibling guests visiting for registered families. A $20 guest fee will be charged for any unscheduled drop ins after the first free scheduled visit. All guests must be scheduled in order to avoid overcrowding in the classroom. Overcrowding makes for an unpleasant class experience and can make the classroom unsafe.

Adult guests are ALWAYS welcome and do not need to be scheduled in advance.



If YOU or your child are not feeling well please do not come to class. You and your child must be fever free for 24 hours BEFORE class, must not have a runny rose (no matter what color) or excessive coughing. If you or your child are displaying symptoms that would hinder participation in class you may be asked to leave class and come back on another day. Please do not be upset but understand that this is for the good or our community to keep everyone healthly as well as for your own child. When in doubt please schedule a make up on our Online Make-Up Scheduler.



To check on class cancellations due to inclement weather please check your email or text for an announcement. Additionally you can call us at 917.609.1060. We will follow the area Public School Board Policy; If classes in Public Schools are cancelled, OUR CLASSES WILL BE CANCELLED. We will make every effort to reschedule classes cancellled due to inclement weather, however rescheduling will depend on the facilty availabity and is not guaranteed. There will be no refunds for classes cancelled due to inclement weather.



Infants under 9 months may attend FREE with a paid, registered sibling in some locations. 

PLEASE NOTE: Infants must be under 9 months of age at the start of the session.



Gift Certificates are non-refundable and not redeemable for cash. They are transferrable. (If you are not able to use yours you may pay it forward and give it to another family who can!).



We start on time- Please try to arrive a few minutes early so your child has a little time to relax and settle in before class starts. It’s very important your child can be included in the Hello Song at the start of class. They will begin to look forward to this each week! If you are running late, please sing the Hello Song in the car or as you are walking from the parking lot. 

Wear comfortable clothes- In class you and your child will be sitting on the floor, dancing around the room, jumping and down, banging on a drum and participating in many other fun and energetic ways. Please dress comfortably. Also for the cleanliness of our little ones crawling around on floor we ask that you remove your shoes when you arrive. Little ones can be barefoot. ADULTS bring socks!

No Cell Phones, Photos or Videos - Please put cell phones off, up, and away. If you must keep them on your person for emergencies please put them on vibrate. Our classes are participatory and educational experiences so we ask our families to refrain from texting and taking photos or videos during class time. We welcome the taking of pictures before or after class, but please check with your classmates before posting pictures to social media. Also on the last day of class you will be allowed to take pictures during the instrument play along. 

No Talking Please- Please try to communicate with each other by singing in class. No talking between adults- the children disengage immediately, and it is very distracting to all. It also breaks the momentum and energy that comes from great observation and participation. Thank you for your help! Please honor your children by observing them and not talking to each other during class. 

Participate and Model Your Teacher- Please model your instructor in class. Remember that you are not only modeling for your child but for every child in the room. Please SING, DANCE, and PARTICIPATE. The more you participate, the more your children will too. Have fun bonding with your child in class. Your participation is vital to the success of the class. 

Safety- Music can stimulate children to get very active. Please know that it is OK for children to walk, skip, or crawl at any time. Please help your instructor redirect your children if they begin to run. Let's encourage them to skip, gallop, dance or use walking feet. We want everyone to be safe. Try to be as calm as possible if your child begins to run, and redirect as needed. Stay positive and keep a good attitude so that your child can make a better, safer choice. We want you to bond with your child in class. Children NEED to move in order to learn, so please DO NOT WORRY if your child wants to dance or explore movement even if we are all sitting. 

Cleaning Instruments-It’s okay if your child mouths an instrument. If they do kindly move it aside. After the song please use a wipe to clean it and place it in the WET BOX. The instruments will be cleaned a second time at the end of class by your instructor. 

Play Your Music- Listen to your Music (CD or APP) as much as possible on a daily basis! SING to your child every day!! 

No Food Or Drink In Class-Please keep all food out of the classroom. No exceptions. If we have children with severe allergies, we want to keep the blankets and floor as clean as possible. However, if your child needs a drink during class, you may offer it to them in an enclosed cup AWAY from the group. Kindly step out of the circle, offer the drink and return to group as soon as possible. 

Nursing- Nursing mothers are free to nurse in class however and whenever they feel comfortable. They do not need to move out of the circle. 

Grown Up Visitors- Extra grown-ups or caregivers are always welcome to come to class, anytime! 

FUN-Have a blast! Enjoy this precious time with your children!